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BRICS Business Forum
Niterói Municipal Secretary of Culture

The Business Forum, an event held within the programme of the BRICS Film Festival, will be organized by the Municipal Government of Niterói in partnership with UFF.

The Forum will host a series of compelling activities, a meeting with authorities and specialists from different fields of film production from the BRICS member states, the presentation of their main film commissions, as well as seminars for students, professors, and industry professionals.

Among the main topics on the Forum’s agenda we can highlight: a presentation on the workings of each BRICS country film industry; the windows of the film industry and the possibility to work with other countries (coproducing films and selling different formats); the different experiences of film commissions; the importance of going international for Brazilian productions; and the presentation of the Niterói Audiovisual City programme and its importance to the development of the city’s economy.


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